A Baseball Lineup for Fanduel – July 2, 2012

Here’s the Lineup I’m playing in Fanduel…





Jones, Chipper



And I will leave the last two outfielders to you…

Especially with Fanduel strategy being what it is, Hanson needs to win for this lineup to be strong.

Baseball Picks

Daily Fantasy Baseball picks for June 27, 2012 are posted on DailyFantasyBaseball.org.

I’m looking at Clay Richard, Justin Upton, Hunter Pence, and Wilson Betemit, among others.

Also, just want to point out a new feature on DailyJoust.  They highlight players who are in the starting lineup, while greying out those that aren’t.

While some pros might not like this, as it does part of the research for you, I think it’s a nice feature.  (Some pros think finding the best daily fantasy baseball research tools is part of the game.  It just might be, but not lineups on DailyJoust anymore.)

Of course, one way to exploit it might be to take last minute lineups changes straight to DailyJoust for exploitation.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Fanduel and others follow suit.

Daily Fantasy Strategy – Baseball Picks

June 26th, 2012


1. ATL hitters vs. Daniel Hudson, ARZ – a number of Braves hitters have fared very well in limited action against Hudson in the past.  Hudson is stuggling to get things going this year.  At home, I like Braves hitters to support Hudson and win big.
2. KC hitters vs. Chris Archer, TB – I picked against Archer recently, as you can see here.  That was his first start as a major leaguer.  He nearly lost control beyond repair early.  Ultimately, he put it together and found his stride.   The Nats stopped being patient.  If the Royals are patient, they will crush Archer.


1. Tim Hudson vs. ARZ – He’s 6-0 with 1.36 ERA and 46 k’s over the last 10 years against the Arizona Diamondbacks.
2. Clayton Kershaw @ SFG – You could pick Kershaw or Vogelsong, but like I said elsewhere, I think Kershaw can give you the advantage with Santana has a 1.16 era  and an over 6 era on the road.  He’s an excellent pitcher.  Those numbers have to even out a little over time.

Let’s hope we’ve got some winning daily fantasy baseball picks for you to take to Daily Joust, Fanduel, DraftStreet, DraftDay, or wherever else it is that you might play Daily Fantasy Sports.

Daily Fantasy Baseball Strategy

June 25th, 2012


1. TEX hitters vs. Rick Porcello, DET – a lineup full of excellent hitters that hasn’t quite been producing up to potential as of late.  Most Rangers have pretty good numbers against Porcello as you can see here.
2. WAS hitters @ Jeff Francis, COL – Francis is not particularly good and the Nats usually support Strasburg pretty well.  Look for both trends to continue.


1. Jake Peavy vs. MIN - The light hitting Twins don’t hit Peavy very well.  Peavy is coming off a very strong outing where he did everything except get the win.  I’m looking for a win from him tonight.
2. Johan Santana @ CHI – Santana has a 1.16 era  and an over 6 era on the road.  He’s an excellent pitcher.  Those numbers have to even out a little over time.

Daily Fantasy Baseball Strategy

June 20th, 2012


1. COL hitters @ Joe Blanton, PHI – great hitters park, the law of averages catches up with Blanton, I don’t think he repeats his last complete game win.
2. WAS hitters vs Chris Archer, TB – It’s Archer’s first start in the bigs.  He walks a lot of guys.  Great prospect, called up, out of necessity, a little too early.  He won’t go more than 5 innings.


1. Stevie Stras vs. TB – They can hit, but Stras can pitch.  Great pitching trumps great hitting tonight.
2. Brian Matusz @ NYM – Call me crazy, but I think Matusz walks into Shea and picks up the win.

Looking for more specific daily fantasy baseball information?  Try DailyFantasyBaseball.org.  Site reviews, information, and free daily picks.

Daily Fantasy Baseball Strategy for June 5th, 2012


1. TEX hitters @ Travis Blackley, OAK – wind is headed out of a decent hitters park, unexperienced former reliever on the mound = runs.
2. TB hitters @ Andy Pettitte, NYY – Tampa Bay is a top team vs lefties. Andy Pettitte will be 40 next week.


1. Tim Lincecum @ SD – Pitchers park and Tim has had his troubles so his price is low.
2. Ian Kennedy vs COL – Colorado’s line up is beat up a bit.

Daily Fantasy Baseball Strategy for June 1st, 2012


1. TEX hitters @ Jerome Williams, LAA – last outing vs Texas, Williams gave up 6Ers, on 11hits, 3HRs.
2. BOS hitters @ Henderson Alvarez, TOR – Hitting team in the “homer dome”, should be lots of runs scored in this one.
3. TOR hitters vs Clay Buchholz, BOS – see above.


1. Madison Bumgarner vs CHC – Cubs are dead last in producing against lefties.
2. Wade Miley @ SD – Pitchers park, 3rd to bottom run scoring team, decent pitcher = win.

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Daily Fantasy Baseball Strategy for May 31st, 2012

Only three games on the schedule today, I’ll wait for tomorrow. There should be lots of runs in BOS vs DET and Norris should be value for Houston on the mound.

Good luck!

Daily Fantasy Baseball Strategy for May 30th, 2012

Loading Up on Weak Pitching:

1. LAA hitters vs Ivan Nova, NYY – Nova gave up 4ERs on 2HRs to a struggling LAA team earlier in the season. LAA is not stuggling with the bats anymore.
2. BOS hitters vs Drew Smyly, DET – Welcome to Fenway Park, Mr Rookie Lefty.
3. TEX hitters vs Blake Beavan, SEA – Hitters park, hitting team, Beavan has softened as of late.


1. Josh Johnson vs WAS – Johnson has good career numbers and with his slow start to the season he’s undervalued.
2. Derek Holland vs SEA – SEA just cannot hit.

More Daily Fantasy Baseball predictions, analysis, strategy, and more.  Use multiple sources of information, just like you play on multiple daily fantasy sports sites.  The more you know, the better off you are.

Daily Fantasy Baseball Strategy for May 28th, 2012

I havent had the time to work this blog. But I have been playing DraftDay had a special tournament yesterday where they split the leagues to NL and AL only. I faired well in the NL Only tournament.  Also, check out this DraftDay daily fantasy baseball review.


1. TOR hitters vs Tommy Hunter, BAL – Toronto can bash and Tommy has given up 11 HRs on the year.
2. MIL hitters @ Aaron Harang, LAD – Mil has good number vs Harang who has not pitched all that well as of late.
3. CHC hitters vs Jeff Suppan, SD – somehow Vegas expects the Cubs & Padres to score at least 13 runs. I think the Cubs can get to Suppan and have a bit more fire power than SD.

Pitching – a few studs today like McDonald vs CIN and Hamels who has a good match up vs the Mets but here is a few to fill in:

1. Matt Harrison vs SEA – Harrison has awesome numbers vs Seattle and should be in line for the win.
2. Wandy Rodriguez @ COL – Good numbers in the past vs Colorado, has been pitching well.
3. Bronson Arroyo @ PIT – probably will not get the win but shouldn’t hurt you as he’s been pitching well and has good career number vs PIT.